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Mass Start Individual

Mass Start Relay


Organizers: David Bakker (Event Director), Jude Corfield (Membership)

Map: Pileated Woods

Thanks to everyone for coming out! Results are now posted and course maps too. Apologies to a couple of people who's results didn't show up. I'm sorry, I don't know what happened. Thanks to some more volunteers, we now have organizers for an event this coming Sunday in Kamloops at McQueen Lake. I'm sure they would love some help with registration though. Next week in Salmon Arm starts at the Jackson Campus and is on the urban downtown Salmon Arm map. We'll be opening registration up soon, please remember to pre-register so we print enough maps. We ran out of beginner maps today, so it does really help us. The following week is at Park Hill above Canoe Beach. Also, we found a thumb compass with a blue strap, let us know if it is yours.


Get ready for absolute mayhem in the forest. Although it is a small park, this will be a very exciting event. Modeled off of the Greater Vancouver Orienteering Club sprint camp 1 man relay (FARSTA for those of you who went) event, it promises a fun run around the woods.

Event Format This Week:

The format is this week is called a 1 man relay, in the FARSTA style (don't worry, we don't know what that means either, I think it's a town in Norway!). Basically, it is a mass start race, where there are four different loops. Each competitor going around each loop once, but with everybody going around the loops in different orders. To add even more excitment, there are two different variations of each loop, so you never know if that person you are following is going the same place as you are! Basically, everyone has a very similar course in terms of distance and difficulty, but everyone does it in different orders and they are slightly different, so you can't follow anyone! If this sounds confusing, don't worry, just follow your map and ignore what everyone else is doing. Also, we'll explain it all when you arrive.


Please show up at 5:30 so we can teach you some of the basics of orienteering before you head out on course. There is a beginner specific course if you do not want to deal with the insanity of the mass start.


  • 5:30 - Registration opens and Beginner Instruction
  • 5:45 - Race instructions
  • 5:50 - Mass Start
  • 7:15 - Courses Close - please report to finish before you leave.

Parking and Meeting Location:

We will meet at the location on the map shown in the bottom of page which is on 11th st SE. There is no dedicated parking lot for Pileated Woods, so please park in the surrounding cul-de-sacs and neighborhoods according to the map. Use common sense when parking near people's driveways, intersections etc. Please avoid walking through the park before the event. As this is the first time we have been in this park, we will have Sage Orienteering Club direction signs up directing how to get to the meeting place. Please consider walking, running, or carpooling to the event due to the limited parking.


There are three different options this week. You can do all four loops by yourself (sign up for Mass Start Individual), you can alternate loops with a partner - so you each do 2 (sign up for Mass Start Relay and we will figure out teams), or beginner which is a normal point to point course if you don't want to do the mass start at all.



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