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    Orienteering is an exciting sport for all ages and fitness levels that involves racing to find checkpoints as quickly as you can, navigating from a detailed map.


    2024 Membership

    Registration this year is on Interpodia/2mev, and is now open!

    Our Events

    The Sage Orienteering Club produces high quality orienteering and adventure running events throughout the southern interior of BC.

    Major Events

    Sage's only major event in 2024 is Sage Stomp around the Salmon Arm area. We will also be having a couple of Adventure Runs (likely Larch Hills (spring) and Telemark (fall)). There are lots of other nearby events worth traveling to though, including:

    Local Events


    We have a couple of local Sunday events scattered throughout the spring and fall.

    Salmon Arm

    In spring 2024 we are planning mostly self-directed trainings, with a few in person weekend events.


    We are planning on having somewhere between 2 and 4 self directed events in Revelstoke this year, although in person events are not being planned at this time.


    We are planning some self-directed trainings on forest maps in May and June, along with a few more beginner friendly maps at fixed times. A weeknight training series for intermediate and advanced orienteers at a scheduled time on the same courses as those self-directed trainings is possible, stay tuned for updates.

    How to Get Started

    The best way to get started is to just come out to any of the events. If you arrive a few minutes before the starting time, we will give you a brief introduction and then you can go around a beginner friendly course that is offered at all our events.

    All you need is some clothing you don't mind getting dirty and good footwear, in case the trails are a bit muddy. For insurance reasons, you must become a member of the Sage Orienteering Club in order to participate in local orienteering events.

    School Maps

    Want a map made of your school grounds and/or a nearby park? Visit our school maps page.