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5 Meter contours from raw LiDAR basemap.

1:15000 mapped


Created by David Bakker in 2017-2019. Open Orienteering Mapper (0.8.1) filetype. A letter sized at 1:10000 chunk was completed and used in spring 2017. The map was expanded to the South to the northern edge of the private land in fall 2017, resulting in drastically different vegetation mapping in the two parts (Devil's club and ferns had not yet grown during the spring mapping, but were in full force during the fall). Map has since been corrected to mostly rectify this situation, showing fall vegetation. The remaining portion of the map completed in summer 2018. Small expansion of around 1 square km on the NE corner in summer 2019.


Crown land, small private area just north of ski lodge. Defined as a BC Parks and Trails Recreation site requiring permissions from Front Counter BC for events.


BCOC 2018

Download Information:

Latest map as of 2019 is uploaded, but map image is as of 2018. Lots of various pretty layout files available, but not on the website. Contact David if you want them.

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Events on this map

Series Date
Mount Macpherson (Rev) May 28, 2017
MacPherson Reloaded (Rev) Sep 24, 2017
Mount MacPherson (Rev) Jun 3, 2018
MacPherson - Intro to Orienteering (Rev) Sep 9, 2018
MacPherson - Intro to Orienteering #2 (Rev) Sep 16, 2018
Revelstoke Classic (Rev) Oct 5, 2019
Tantrum/MacPherson (Rev) May 11, 2019
Upper Flowdown/MacPherson (Rev) Jun 22, 2019
Middle Flowdown/MacPherson (Rev) Jul 20, 2019