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Organizer: Bart Jarmula (Event Director)

Map: Mount Macpherson


What: Orienteering is a sport where you navigate your way though a series of checkpoints using a map choosing your own route as you go. It's basically a suped-up scavenger hunt.

Who: Anyone!

Where: Griffith Creek parking lot (see below for driving directions with the google map) at Mount MacPherson.


9:00 am Beginner registration

9:15 Beginner instruction

9:30 Intermediate/advanced registration

9:45 Intermediate instruction

12:00 course closes


We will have three different courses to suit all skill levels and physical abilities, and will offer a beginner and intermediate workshop prior to the event. The courses are the same as the event this spring, so if you attended that event sign up for a harder course (or alternatively you can do it backwards). If you are trying to be super competitive at BCOC at the end of the month, please save the map for then. This event takes place in some of the same terrain as the middle.

How to Sign Up:

Registration is open.

Click the "+ Register" button next to your desired course. Follow the instructions. This signs you up for your course so we know how many people are coming to the event and how many maps to print of each course. Help us keep costs low and save the environment by preventing over-printing of maps!

What should I bring?

Wear something comfortable that you don't mind getting a little dirty! Long pants are advisable so you don't get your legs scratched up. Bring a compass and whistle if you have them. If you want some post event nutrition, bring your own water and snacks.


$5 per person (max $10/family) to cover cost of maps and insurance.


Feel free and contact us.



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