Organizers: Phil Wallensteen (Event Director), Phil Wallensteen (Course Planner)

Map: Black Forest


This will be a self-directed training event. We have Phil's 2D Orange and White marker boards out in the woods, and you request a digital version of the course map(s) as a PDF which you can print out (or keep it on your cellphone) to use.

This map area is NOT BEGINNER FRIENDLY, so instead we have our beginner and intermediate courses set up at the New Cemetery Park.

Location, Parking, and Map

This event will take place on the Black Forest map just off of Black Road.

We are using the same parking area as previous years. Drive 1.9 km up Black Road from Hwy 97 and there will be a small dirt road on the left which is marked with some pink flagging tape (see map pin at bottom of page). There parking for just a couple of vehicles, unless you have 4X4 with good clearance in which case you can drive further in.

Bears are often in the area, but we do not have any reported sightings on this map yet this year. If it is wet, windfall and branches will be slippery. Some of the trails are quite indistinct especially with the all the cones and sticks on them from last winter.

The gun range property is to the north of this map area, but they do not shoot in the direction of this map, and courses are designed to minimize the risk of straying off the map towards the range. You may hear shooting out on course. This map is on crown land, except for some private property around the edges (as usual, mapped as out of bounds).


These trainings are being offered for free to all Sage Orienteering Club members. In order to participate, EVERYONE in your group must have an active 2022 Sage Orienteering Club membership.

How it Works

  1. Register your Sage Orienteering Club membership and waiver online
  2. Fill in the event/training specific registration form, which will ask you which course(s) and members will be participating for the course of your choice and let us know how many of you are going. Everyone participating needs to be a member of Sage for insurance reasons. The registration form will allow you to download the course maps.
  3. Print the map, or load the map onto your phone.
  4. Do the course whenever you want during the time when the event is open. If you are interested in comparing results & routes with others (a great learning experience for everyone), record a GPS track on your smartwatch or phone (optional).
  5. Check in with the event organizer (including participant names and courses of everyone in your family) by:
    1. Filling in the Check-In Form (red button near top of page under quick links)
    2. Upload a .gpx file (you can export this from Strava, Garmin Connect, Attackpoint, and many others) to our website (link will be posted once registration is open) which will calculate your split times. We will also then overlay all the GPS tracks onto the map together so you can compare routechoices with others. Here are some instructions on how to record and upload your GPS track



Photos are from Flickr. To add your photos to this section, tag your Flickr photos with: whyjustrun4724 (all one word)