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Organizer: Phil Wallensteen (Event Director)

Map: Canoe Creek


Check out a brand new map made to the new ISOM2017 standard, a first for Sage! It is not often that we can get a brand new area of forest mapped, and will become increasingly rare over time as we map the remaining open forests around Salmon Arm.

The shortest course will be beginner friendly, so if you are new to the sport come on out and give it a try!

Make sure you go register ASAP for the Okanagan Adventure Running Tournament the weekend after this event.


  • 10:00 - Registration Opens/First Starts
  • 11:00 - Last Start
  • 2:00 - Courses Close, please return to the finish by this time so we can clean up.


Three different lengths and difficulties of courses are being offered. Please register online by clicking the "+ Register" button next to the your selected course. The sooner you can register, the easier it is for the volunteers.

  • Beginner - 2.5km. If you have never orienteered before, this is the course for you. If you whip it off super quickly, you are welcome to head out on a more advanced course as well at no extra cost.
  • Intermediate - 3.0km. If you don't fall into the advanced or beginner course descriptions, this is the course for you.
  • Advanced - 3.5km. A more technically and physically challenging course. Expect some tricky controls and routechoices, and expect to get very wet feet.


$5/person, to a family maximum of $15. Sage Orienteering Club (or other IOF affiliated club membership) required.


Membership is moving to an online system this year. Paper versions will still be available at events, but online registration is vastly preferred since it reduces workload on volunteers. Money collection for registration will still take place at events. Please register your membership online before the event.


This terrain has some technical contours, but also has easier to follow features like roads and cutblock boundaries, making it a great map for beginners and experts alike. The map is bordered almost entirely by major features so it is very difficult to get lost off the map, including a major powerline on one side of the map, a large clearcut on another side, and logging roads on the remaining two sides. This map is a great place to learn more forest orienteering skills, without much of the danger of getting totally lost in the wilderness.

There are lots of fallen logs on some parts of the map, and the forest is open in places and thick in places, so be prepared. Do not wear shorts to this event, you want full leg cover to prevent major scratches - there is some thicker ground level vegetation on parts of the map. Fallen logs are wet and slippery right now, so be careful when crossing them.

Because of the large snow pack this year, expect more water than is mapped. The map was made during the early summer of last year, so water levels were much lower when it was mapped than they are now. Low lying areas are going to be marshy, even if they are not mapped that way.

Directions and Parking:

We will try to post the orange and white direction signs to direct you to the event.

From Salmon Arm, take Auto Rd. out from 5 corners into the industrial park, and turn right on 50th St. SE into the industrial park. Continue past straight through the four way stop (you will past a gas station). The road will turn into gravel, and it's name changes to Shaw Road. After around 500m, the road branches in a Y junction, with Lashburn road to the left, and Shaw road to the right. Continue on Shaw road to the right. You will pass the Canoe Creek golf course entrance on your left, and continue on the gravel Shaw road to the right, as it narrows to around 1.5 lanes wide. Continue along this road for around 1.2km to the start and meeting location.

Parking at this location is fairly limited, so please carpool if possible. There is some parking available directly at the start, alternatively, if you can find a safe place to park, park along the right hand side of the road as you drive up towards the start. If all of these locations are taken, continue past the start site for another 500m. A drivveway will fork off to the left, and you want to stay right. Just after the driveway, you will enter a clearcut, and a road will fork off to your right. There is space for around 10 vehicles to park here at this junction.



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