Organizer: Wade Tokarek (Event Director)

Map: Valleyview



Erica Hartling/ Trevor Wallanstein 36:15

Owen McMillan 48:21

Lucas McMillan 48:48

Seth Fulton 48:09 (missed control)


Trevor Wallansteen 59:19

Keeya Corbett 84:14

Julianne Moore 84:17

Ivan Hartling 98:50

Yenny Connor 116:17

Duncan Tweed 55:35 (incorrect order)

Annah/Maya Bucher 98:42 (5 controls)


David Bakker 64:07

Brian May 72:04

Darius Bucher 102:26

Stephen Moore 116:53

Chuck Connor 130:10

Japheth Bucher 136:54

Shelia Corbett 168:14

Rachel May 103:34 (13 controls)

Alan Corbett 112:22 (some controls)

Julie Bradley 178:32 (9 controls)

Randi Oslby 139:47 (10 controls)

Ken Bakker 103:32 (12 controls)

The first orienteering event of the year!

If you are new to the sport, come on out! We will have someone on hand to teach newcomers about the orienteering.


There will be several courses offered, ranging in difficulty from beginner to advanced. More details to come.


  • 11:00am - Courses Open, First Starts, and Introduction to Orienteering for Beginners.
  • 2:00pm Courses close

Meeting Place:

Meet in the parking lot for Valleyview Arena. Turn left off Highland Road on the way up to Juniper Heights. See the map below.


The Valleyview map is open grassland, but very hilly. The courses are bounded on 3 sides by housing and roads and there is a major fence on the 4th side … no chance of getting lost, but those controls may be hard to find!

Kamloops Weeknight Series and Introduction to Orienteering:

Kamloops has a brand new weeknight program running on Wednesday evenings for all club members and newcomers. Learn to orienteer from scratch, or practice up your skills. Check out all the details here.



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