Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.

Organizer: David Bakker (Event Director)

Map: South Canoe

Event Report:

Thanks to everyone for coming out for a great season opener!  We are looking forward to seeing everyone in 2 weeks time at Little Mountain.  We will update the website for that event when courses are finalized.  In three weeks time there is an event which does not yet have an organizer, so please consider volunteering to organize that even if you have only been orienteering for a few years!  We'll help you through almost all of it.


Results are posted here. A few people ran with others, and I only have 1 name for the group.  If you missed a checkpoint, you come up as a it says that you are "mp", but tells you the times that you got for the controls that you did make it to.  For those on the advanced/long course, the times for the pin-punch controls are not included and neither are the fact that they existed.  e.g. (control 17 shows up on the results as 15).


Experience South Canoe in a whole new way!  You'll be getting off the hiking, biking, and horse trails and into forest while you navigate along your chosen route.  Longer courses will check out some freshly mapped area south of the main trail system. Everyone will want to wear pants or very long socks (soccer socks work great!) as some of the undergrowth in South Canoe can be quite scratchy.

Beginner Info:

We will have a beginner specific introduction to orienteering at 5:15, (15 minutes before everyone else arrives).  We will have volunteers go over the basics of orienteering including how to read the map, how the electronic timing works, and what in the world control descriptions are.  Don't worry, its easy to learn and you will have a blast navigating your way through the forest!  You can just show up at the event (we will have a table set up in the parking lot with a bunch of orange and white flags hanging from it) or if you want to learn a bit about orienteering now, check out this video.  


  • 5:15 - Beginner Specific Instruction
  • 5:30 - Registration Opens
  • 5:45 - Courses Open
  • 7:30 - Courses Close, all participants must report to the finish by this time.  If you don't come back, we will come looking for you.

How to Sign Up for the Event:

  1. Click the "+ Register" button next to your desired course.  Follow the instructions.  This signs you up for your course so we know how many people are at the event and how many maps to print of each course.
  2. Purchase Membership (details below).


New This Year: you can purchase your Sage Orienteering Club membership online on Zone4.  This will help keep lineups down at our first few events as well as making it easier for you to register.  If you prefer to pay cash or cheque, you can still fill out a membership at your first event of the year.


For added safety, WHISTLES ARE MANDATORY at all events this year.  You can bring your own whistle or buy one at any event for $1.

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