Organizers: David Bakker (Event Director), Phil Wallensteen (Assistant), Abbigail May (Permit), Brian May (Assistant)

Map: Larch Hills

Event Report:

Thanks to everybody for coming out, we hope to put on a similar event next year and possibly a mountain bike version this fall.  Stay Tuned. 


Results are now posted here.

Welcome to the first ever Larch Hills Adventure Run!  Explore your favourite all season recreation area in a whole new way by getting off the trails and navigating through pristine old growth forest, around creeks, and over the hills.  

How It Works:

There is no set course, but a series of 30 plus checkpoints will be scattered around the hills.  Your job is to pick the best way to link as many of them together as you can, pick and navigate your route between each one, and get back to the finish before time runs out.  It's a blast!

Course Options:

  • 1 Hour Adventure Run
  • 3 Hour Adventure Run


You can register as:

  • An Individual
  • A team (2-4 people)

Registration Costs:

Sage Orienteering Club Members:

  • Individual - $15
  • Team - $10/Team Member

Non Members

  • Individual - $20
  • Team - $15/Team Member

Limited on the day registration is available for an additional $5 surcharge per person.  

How To Register

Registration is now open on Zone4.

Race Day Schedule:

9:30 - Mandatory Race Instructions

9:45 - Maps Handed Out (begin planning your route now!)

10:00 - Race Begins

11:00 - One Hour Race Finish

1:00 - Three Hour Race Finish

1:15 - Results and Awards


Depending on how far the checkpoint is from the start and how difficult it is to find it is worth a different amount of points.  The most challenging checkpoints are worth 120 points, intermediate difficulty checkpoints are 80 points, and the closest and easiest are worth 40.  

For each minute that you or your team is back late, a penalty of 10 points deducted from your total score.  


Results are based off:

  1. Your total number of points (including time penalty deductions)
  2. And in the event of a tie, the finish time.

Event Timing:

SI (SportIdent) electronic timing will be used for this event.  If you have your own e-punch, please bring it; otherwise they are available to borrow at the event.

The Map:

A contour map with a detailed 5 meter contour interval, trails (with thickness differing depending on size), and water features (creeks, ponds, marshes and lakes).  Vegetation thickness is not mapped, however obvious boundaries between clearcuts and old-growth forest have been mapped.


For added safety, WHISTLES ARE MANDATORY.   You can bring your own whistle or buy one at the event for $1.



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