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Course Maps

Middle - Little Mountain

Short - Little Mountain

Sprint - SMS

Organizer: Abbigail May (Event Director)

Map: Little Mountain


Results posted for the sprint event HERE.  These are detailed results and show the full split times of all participants so you can see where you lost time in relation to the other participants. 


National Orienteering Week Event - Newcomers welcome!  Bring a friend!

The Little Mountain and Shuswap Middle School maps have a variety of forests, trails, and open fields.  There will be an urban sprint event at Shuswap Middle School and forest courses in Little Mountain.  Sprint events are typically 1-2km in length and take about 15 min to complete.  The focus is on navigating at speed, but you are welcome to go at whatever pace you are comfortable with!  There will be two course lengths offered in Little Mountain Park, giving the chance to try a forest sprint and/or a longer course of approx. 4km.


Park at the Little Mountain Fieldhouse.  Look for the registration tent in the SW corner of the parking lot.  There will be two events on offer, a sprint distance on the SMS map (use the skills learned in the Speed-O and Memory-O at Bastion) and two choices of course lengths in Little Mt. park.  Try one or do them all!  Experienced orienteers will be on hand to instruct beginners.


5:30pm:  Registration opens. Instruction available for newcomers.

5:30 - 7:00: Starts available for both courses.  You will start individually or with your small group.  Must finish by 7:30pm. 



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