Organizer: Phil Wallensteen (Event Director)

Map: Gardom Bench


This event will take place on the northern part of the Gardom Bench map.


Registration is now open on Interpodia 2Mev here:!/events/salmon-arm-self-directed-gardom-bench-202405

The course is open from 10:00 on Saturday, May 18 through 18:00 on Sunday, May 26. Registration to download maps will close at 12:00 on Sunday, May 26.

Location & Parking

The courses are accessed from the northwest end of the eastern segment of Glenmary Rd (accessible from Crossman Rd / Saltwell Rd or Old Salmon Arm Rd). The start / finish is roughly 800 metres up the track under the power line, which leaves the end of Glenmary Rd to the west. See the pin on the map below for the parking location. It is possible to drive to the start /finish if you have AWD or 4WD. The start/finish is on the 4th set of power poles as you go up the power line.


  • Beginner: 3.0 km -- A loop on trails with controls on or next to the trail.
  • Intermediate: 3.5 km -- Some controls further off trails with some route choices and strong attack points from trails.
  • Advanced: 4.4 km -- Significant off trail controls and routes.

The controls are marked with orange and white flagging tape hung on a clothespin.

Orienteering maps are quite detailed so it is very worthwhile reviewing a map legend to ensure you are using the map to it's full potential. Here is a good resource to check out.

Some of the trails are indistinct in places but there are usually small orange, red, or pink flags marking the trail. You need to keep a good eye out when looking for some of the junctions with smaller trails going off bigger trails. All courses get to a good viewpoint of Deep Creek valley.


These self-directed events are being offered for free to all Sage Orienteering Club members. In order to participate, EVERYONE in your group must have an active 2024 Sage Orienteering Club membership. If you'd like to contribute financially towards these events consider adding a donation when you sign up for your membership.

Helping Out

These events are organized by volunteers. If you can help out with picking up the ribbons for this event, please let us know at Thanks!

How it Works

  1. Register your Sage Orienteering Club membership and for the event (combined registration form, which will prompt you to register for your membership if you haven't yet registered as a member for 2024).
  2. Download the course maps (as PDFs) from the registration confirmation.
  3. Print the map, or load the map onto your phone.
  4. Do the course whenever you want during the time when the event is open. All participants (whether they have a map or not) need to be Sage Orienteering Club members, but it is really, really cheap so invite a friend to come along!



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