Organizers: Phil Wallensteen (Event Director), David Bakker (Course Planner), Jeremy Green (Course Planner), Brian May (Controller), Simon Bakker (Course Planner), Lillian Bakker (Course Planner), Kevin Matrosovs (Controller), Tammy Howe (Assistant), Alan Corbett (Permit)

Map: Dirty Beetle




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Adventure Run

  • Everyone

The 39th annual Sage Stomp is back in the Salmon Arm area for the second time ever.


  • May 30:
    • If you are planning to camp at Larch Hills over Friday night, please send an email the event director by clicking on his name on this page ASAP! We need to let Larch Hills know whether or not to open the washrooms. Payment is by e-Transfer.
    • Registration was briefly listed as sold out, but this has now been fixed and registration is open until midnight tonight.
    • Saturday 4-8pm, the Shuswap Trail Alliance is hosting a Spring Celebration Party, featuring Shred Kelly, at the South Canoe Trailhead. If you're in town and in the mood for some sublime forest and mountain tunes, details and tickets can be found here:
  • May 27: Confirmed and updated start location and map scale for the Adventure Run.
  • May 26: Added details to the Long & Middle parking, arena, start and finish locations.
  • May 25: Emphasized climb to Long Expert/Elite Start. Updated Middle with road crossing information. Updated map links to parking for each event.
  • May 20: Added preliminary information on Middle courses and Parking.
  • May 19: Updated information on Long courses and routes to the Starts.


Registration is now closed and the event complete. Thank you all!

Registration requires active membership in an orienteering club, or a temporary membership in the Sage Orienteering Club (for the purposes of insurance & waiver management).


All registration fees on a per event basis.

  • Junior (Born in 2004 and later): $5 ($15 for entire weekend)
  • Adult (Born in 2003 and earlier): $25 ($75 for entire weekend)

New Orienteers

This event is beginner friendly! We will have a coach available for beginner instruction before you head out on course. Each event will have a Beginner course suitable for new orienteers. You are welcome to participate solo, or in a group. We look forward to meeting you!


Saturday Morning - Long

A long distance point to point orienteering event with course planning built around driving interesting routechoices between controls.

The Expert and Elite classes will get to explore a newly created section of map which is very hilly. Other classes will stay on the beautiful, undulating bench of the original map area.


Parking is along McTavish Rd past the turnoff to the Glenemma Trailhead and toward the end of the road. Follow signs from Salmon River Rd.

50°28'20.8"N 119°22'36.7"W (toward the end of McTavish Rd)

Arena / Registration / Finish

The arena / registration and finish is immediately adjacent to the end of the parking area on McTavish Rd. See the pin in the above map link.


There will be a port-a-potty by the Arena at the end of the Parking.


Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced: There is a 350 m walk to the start with minimal climb.

Expert & Elite: There is a ~400 m walk to the start with a VERY STEEP 90 m of climb -- warm up before you climb to the start.

There are no coat/bag drops, water, or other facilities at either start location.


  • 09:00 - First Start, Beginner Instruction & Registration Opens
  • 10:00 - Last Start
  • 12:30 - Courses Close - All participants report to the finish

Course Details







Distance (km)



Climb (m)

105 130 135 200 380

Print Scale

1:7500 1:7500 1:7500 1:10000 1:15000


Advanced, Expert, and Elite all feature a similar level of navigational difficulty (hard) and only differ with regards to distance and physical challenge.

Planning Team

  • Course Planner: David Bakker
  • Controller: Kevin Matrosovs

Map: Dirty Beetle

  • Mapper: David Bakker (2021, expansion in 2024 with minor updates to original area)
  • Specification: ISOM2017-2
  • Contours: 5 m

Saturday Afternoon - Middle

A middle distance point to point orienteering event with course planning built around technical control sites and map reading.

All courses have a road crossing that is not traffic controlled. There is a course control on each side of the road and your time between these controls will be removed from your total course time. PLEASE TAKE YOUR TIME TO LOOK BOTH WAYS AND CROSS THIS ROAD CAREFULLY WHEN IT IS SAFE TO DO SO.


Parking for this event is in the Canoe Beach parking lot on Canoe Beach Dr NE in Canoe, just north of Salmon Arm.

50°45'22.4"N 119°14'28.0"W (Canoe Beach parking lot)

Arena / Registration

The Arena is a short ~150 m walk up the hill (~25 m of climb) from the Parking area.


Toilets are located by the Parking in the Canoe Beach parking lot.


There will be a remote finish, with a short walk back to the Arena and the download station.


The Start for all courses is a ~300 m walk up the hill (~40 m of climb) from the Arena.


  • 14:30 - First Start & Beginner Instruction
  • 15:30 - Last Start
  • 17:00 - Courses Close - All participants report to the finish
  • Après Run: Swim in Shuswap Lake at Canoe Beach adjacent to the map area

Course Details (TBC)







Distance (km)






Climb (m)


Print Scale


Advanced, Expert, and Elite all feature a similar level of navigational difficulty (hard) and only differ with regards to distance and physical challenge.

Planning Team

  • Course Planner: Jeremy Green
  • Controller: Brian May

Map: Park Hill

  • Mapper: Brian May (2012), almost complete redraft by David Bakker (2021)
  • Specification: ISOM2017-2
  • Contours: 5 m

Sunday Morning - 3 Hour Adventure Run (Score-O)

Collect as many checkpoints as you can in any order you want within 3 hours or 1.5 hours, depending on your registered class.


Parking is in the Larch Hills Nordic Chalet parking lot.

50.708801, -119.135556 (Larch Hills Nordic Chalet)

Arena / Registration / Start / Finish

The Arena, Registration, Start and Finish are all by the Larch Hills Nordic Chalet.


There are outhouses at the Arena.


  • 08:45 - Registration Opens
  • 09:15 - Mandatory Pre-Race Instructions & Map Handout
  • 09:30 - Mass Start
  • 11:00 - 1.5 Hour Class Ends
  • 12:30 - 3 Hour Class Ends

Course Details

Details coming once the course planning is finalized.

Map Scale: 1:15000

Planning Team

  • Course Planner: Lillian Bakker & Simon Bakker
  • Controller: David Bakker

Map: Larch Hills

  • Mapper: Jonathan Bakker & David Bakker (2016) & David Bakker 2021
  • Specification: ISOM2017-2 (see notes below...)
  • Contours: 5 m
  • Note: Only part of this map has been mapped to a full ISOM2017-2 specification (roughly 1 letter size sheet of paper at 1:15000), with the remaining area being 5m contours, water features, trails, etc. but no fieldchecked vegetation or rock features.


Camping for orienteers will be available at Larch Hills on both Friday and Saturday night in the stadium area next to the chalet. Bathrooms and drinking water available. Cost is $20/night per group/tent. Payment is by e-Transfer.

Absolutely no camping allowed at the Dirty Beetle and Park Hill venues.

Alternatively, there is plenty of more luxurious accommodation of all shapes and sizes in and around Salmon Arm.

Event Timing

Timing will be done with the SI Air timing system. SI Air cards will be available to all registrants as part of your registration fee. Participants are also encouraged to carry a GPS so that we can set up a 3D Re-Run for each course. Start times will not be assigned (we will spread out competitors on each course). Split starts will be available for parents of small children (contact the event director to arrange). Live Results will be available online during the event.


We will need help with some starts, download, and control pickup. Please get in touch if you can help out.



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