Organizer: Phil Wallensteen (Event Director)

Map: Canoe Creek


This is a self-directed orienteering course at Canoe Creek. The course will be up during the specified date range, when you register you will receive the maps by email, and you do the course at a time that works for you.

The controls are marked with orange and white flagging.

The new logging is mapped as rough open ground with scattered trees (brown with white dots). The amount of slash (logging debris) varies greatly on this area from runnable to slow walking.


Three courses of different lengths and difficulties are on offer.

  • Beginner: 2.0 km
    • On this course, there will be an indistinct trail flagged with pink flagging.
  • Intermediate: 2.4 km
  • Long: 3.5 km


The parking area is 1.1 km past the entrance to the Shuswap National golf course on Shaw Road. The last 0.5 km is gravel. The parking area is noted on the course maps.


Registration is open!

Registration link:!/events/salmon-arm-self-directed-canoe-creek-202310

After registering, you will receive the link to download the course maps from the Sage NextCloud server.



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