Organizer: David Bakker (Event Director)

Map: Spion Kop

Update (September 12): We have printed 15 maps, so if you want to come, come!

Welcome to our new Kelowna training series: Advanced & Intermediate Development (AID). These low-key orienteering training sessions will happen every Wednesday evening at 6:00 at a different map with a different training focus. Can't make the event time? We need somebody to pick up control flags anytime the day after (Thursday) - get in touch with David if you want this to be you.

Meeting Location:

Spion Kop Old Mission Road Trailhead - see map pin location at the bottom of the page.


Membership is required. Sign up on 2mev.

Please let us know if you plan on coming by pressing the green "+Register" button so we know roughly how many maps to print. If you are even considering coming, please just click the button. We are ok with printing too many maps, but we really don't want too few. We anticipate only using this for the first week, after that we will continue printing the same number of maps each week.

Who this is for:

This is not for complete beginners (although we have events for you too - see the schedule of Meet Your Map in early October!). This is for intermediates looking to get more time on maps and become more comfortable in the forest, or those who are either experienced orienteers wanting to get more training in. This low key training series has no timing, but should be an enjoyable set of orienteering at beautiful places around Kelowna.


  • Sage Orienteering Club membership is required.
  • No fixed cost.
  • The club incurs about ~$3 in expenses per participant per week. We encourage you to donate at some weeknight to help cover the insurance and printing costs.


Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.


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