Organizers: Phil Wallensteen (Event Director), Abbigail May (Event Director)

Map: Little Mountain


These sessions are an introduction to the sport for those who haven't done it before and for those with experience but who would like to improve their skills.

Thursday Training Dates and Locations

Each activity runs from 6:30 to 7:45 pm.

  • Thursday April 6: Shuswap Middle school meeting next to the tennis court.
  • Thursday April 20: Little Mountain meeting in front of the Field House at the Field of Dreams.
  • Thursday May 4: Park Hill trails meeting Canoe Beach parking lot.
  • Thursday May 18: South Canoe trails meeting in the South Canoe trails parking lot. To be confirmed.


There will be a donation box at the final event in South Canoe to cover the costs of printing maps.

Sign Up

Registration is now open here.

Please sign up if you think you will be there so we know how many maps to print.

We will have a few extra maps for the first event only in case you decide to come out last minute.

Practice Courses

Practice courses will be set up for the week following each of these instructional events. You will need to sign up for these individually. Once you sign up for one, you will receive and be able to print off the map for that activity. You can then go out and complete the course anytime during the week the course is set up. The first three courses will be on the Cemetery trail map, Little Mountain trails, and Park Hill trails. The fourth location is still to be confirmed. There will be beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses.

There will be no charge for these events since you will be printing off your own map.



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