Organizers: Tammy Howe (Event Director), Tammy Howe (Course Planner), Kevin Matrosovs (Controller)

Map: Dilworth

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Registration is now closed and the courses have been taken down. Please upload your GPS track to get results and your route plotted on the course map!


May 9: Added GPS upload / check-in button to Quick Links.

May 7: The in-person activity is now over. Awesome job everyone who came out! The courses are now available for self-directed exploration through May 18. Use the dark blue button in the Quick Links section to get your course map(s)! Added additional information to the Advanced course description.

May 6: Added parking / start location. Updated course lengths and descriptions.


With the relaxation of pandemic restrictions, we are excited to return to in-person activities and a chance to socialize and share orienteering tips and experiences. We will continue to offer self-directed in addition to the in-person activities.

The Dilworth area is an interesting mix of residential neighbourhoods separated by open grassland and forest. And a few hills.


May 7: In-person activity with on-site instruction, help, and socializing. Instruction: 09:30. Beg, Int, Adv courses: 10:00-13:00.

May 8-18: Self-directed activity you do on your own time.


Registration for the self-directed activity is now open. Use the dark blue button in the Quick Links section above to get your maps.

All participants must be members of Sage Orienteering Club. Use the light blue button in the Quick Links section above to get your annual membership now.

Location, Parking, and Map

The parking and start/finish is in the gravel parking area whose entrance is beside the mailboxes at the start of Skeena Dr just off Summit Dr. This is just up from Lillooet Park. See the pin on the map below.

The advanced course start is actually across the road by Lillooet Park, but it's finish is at the above gravel parking area. If you're doing that course, be very careful crossing Summit Dr.


Controls are marked in the terrain using orange irrigation pin flags. Keep in mind that some of these could go missing while the course is open over several weeks.

Course distances are measured in a straight line between controls. You will travel further as your route takes you around areas like private property. The exact courses are still to be finalized, but the following should be a general guide:

Beginner: 1.9 km -- A loop that will stay mainly on trails with straightforward navigation.

Intermediate: 4.1 km -- More physical and with some navigation decisions to be made.

Advanced: 5.9 km -- Very physical, with a lot of distance and climbing. Navigation is only a little harder than Intermediate but there is some harder off-trail travel. On the way from the start to the first control, at the second intersection you will see a sign that says "Private Driveway". This is actually a small road that you can run/walk up the short distance to the bend where there is sign stating public access to the trails. The start & finish are on opposite sides of Summit Dr, and the course crosses Summit Dr once. Watch for speeding vehicles and be very careful crossing Summit Dr.

COVID Safety

Please stay home if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 or illness.


Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.


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