Organizers: Kevin Matrosovs (Event Director), Kevin Matrosovs (Course Planner), Tammy Howe (Assistant)

Map: Parkinson Park


April 22: Registration for the self-directed activity is now closed. Thank you to all who participated!

April 10: The in-person activity is now finished. Thank you to all who came out! The courses are now available for self-directed orienteering on your own time until the evening of Thursday, April 21. There are no markers at the control locations for the self-directed activity. Please use the button in the Quick Links section below to register for the self-directed activity and request the course maps.

April 8: The registration deadline for Sunday's in-person activity is Saturday, April 9, at 16:00.

Quick Links

Registration is now closed. Thank you to all who participated!


With the relaxation of pandemic restrictions, we are excited to return to in-person activities and a chance to socialize and share orienteering tips and experiences. During this transition time, we will continue to offer self-directed in addition to the in-person activities.

For this first activity at Parkinson Recreation Park, we will be gathering in person and have irrigation pin flags marking the course control locations. Additionally, we will be offering help to anyone relatively new to orienteering or who would like some guidance.

Because this is an urban park area, after the in-person activity is done, the pin flags will no longer be marking the control locations. We are looking into options to help members do the courses on their own time in a self-directed manner. Stay tuned and check back here for updates!


To participate, you must first be a member of the Sage Orienteering Club. Please sign up here or using the button in the Quick Links section above.

If you plan to participate in the in-person activities, please register to the right on this page for the appropriate activity. This will allow us to estimate how many maps to print. The registration deadline for the in-person activity is Saturday, April 9, at 16:00.

To register for self-directed participation please use the darker blue button in the Quick Links section above.

Location, Parking, and Map

The start/finish location is Parkinson Recreation Tennis Courts parking lot off Spall Road. You must be traveling south on Spall Road to turn right into the driveway and follow that to the parking area at the end. See the pin on the map below.

This is an urban environment and there are many other users and traffic on the fields and pathways. Please respect other area users and avoid crossing playing fields if they are in use.


Instructional: 0.6 km -- A super short and easy introduction to orienteering and a suitable first course for young children.

Beginner: 1.4 km -- A more interesting course with straightforward navigation.

Intermediate: 2.4 km -- A longer course that crosses the area several times and introduces route choices.

Course distances are measured in a straight line between controls. You will travel further as you go around obstacles.

Control locations will be marked with irrigation pin flags during the in-person activity. There will be no control location markers after the in-person activity.

A reminder to all participants that the following map areas are out of bounds and you are not allowed to enter or cross them:

  • Olive green. This symbol is used to protect private property and public garden beds.
  • Vertical and crossed purple hashed areas. These mark areas that are out of bounds for various access or safety reasons.

Also, on a sprint map such as this, the following symbols are not to be crossed, even if it is physically possible to do so:

  • Blue creek. Even when the water level is low. Right now, the water level is high and the creek is fast.
  • Thick black line with double tag marks. This is a fence that is not to be crossed.

It is important to respect the out of bounds symbols so that we can maintain good relationships with other user groups and land owners and maintain access for this unique sport in public areas.

COVID Safety

Please stay home if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 or illness.


Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.


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