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Organizers: David Bakker (Event Director), David Bakker (Course Planner), Ken Bakker (Assistant)

Map: Larch Hills


Note that because of the Score-O nature of this event, results will not be instantly available when you upload your track. We have to do manual math based on your GPS track before we can post results. We will post a set of results as soon as we can, and then will update them periodically. We will also be uploading to 3D-ReRun.

  • Results
    • Posted on the side of the page (or top on mobile).
  • 3D-ReRun - Last Updated June 22nd @ 11:35


With the recent change in provincial health orders, this will be an in person event on Saturday, June 19th. This is a 3 (or 1.5) Hour Score-O event. You have 3 (or 1.5) hours to collect as many checkpoints as you can, in whatever order you want.

Location, Parking, and Map

This event will take place on the Larch Hills map starting from the South Hub staging area. There is an outhouse at the parking location.

The map is a little bit worse than our regular orienteering maps, but it still has 5 meter contours, trails, water features (creeks, ponds, marshes and lakes), and computer generated vegetation density. This is different from our usual maps where we go and manually map vegetation, and smaller point features like boulders and knolls. This map is not perfectly fieldchecked, and is missing detail in certain areas. It will have all the checkpoints clearly marked on it. The map is everything you need to complete the course. A compass will be beneficial (the map is oriented to magnetic north, no declination needed). Clever individuals may make use of the "You Are Here" arrows on the ski trail maps posted at many intersections if they are lost.

The map has been updated to the new map standard (ISOM2017-2), and has also been expanded further to the north-west than we have ever gone before. Course maps will be printed by the organizers on waterproof paper with a good print quality.

COVID Precautions

To help with social distancing and minimize group size, Orienteering Canada guidelines also recommend not socializing at the event site before or after you have done your course. Please review the linked documents for further guidance from Orienteering Canada and event details.

  • Declaration of Health here. You will need to print your own, to be filled in the day of the even.
  • Guidelines from Orienteering Canada here. Please read through this before registering.
  • Sage Orienteering Club's Return-to-Sport Guidelines here.
  • Event Safety Plan Here.

Please read through these before registering and monitor for updates as the event approaches.


At this point in time, registration is limited to 50 people to comply with provincial health orders. There will be absolutely no late or on the day registration.

To comply with provincial health orders, absolutely no spectators are allowed.

Registration will be done online on Zone4 with online payment by Credit Card. Registration will open on June 2nd at 13:00.

Registration Deadline: Thursday, June 17th at 23:59 (11:59pm).


  • Junior (20 and Under): $10
  • Adult (21 and Over): $15
  • Family Maximum: $30

But ... the trainings are free, so why would I pay to go to this event? We incur costs of ~$6/participant for this event, not including equipment depreciation or mapping costs (which are some of the larger budget items). These slightly larger events also subsidize the free during COVID training events where we incur costs of ~$2.50/participant and are operated at a significant financial loss.

New Orienteers

We are trying to make this event friendly to new orienteers. We are offering very beginner friendly courses, and will ensure we have someone available at registration to help you with getting started in the sport in a socially distanced manner. Please ensure that you check off that you are new to orienteering when registering, so that we can plan accordingly. We look forward to meeting you!


Everyone gets exactly the same map, it has a mix of different checkpoint difficulties and distances from the start/finish. This event will skew towards easier and more on trail navigation than our typical events.

Class Options

You get a choice as to how long you want to be out there, and we will compare results and routes within two different time constraints:

  • 1.5 Hour Adventure Run (you have one and a half hours to get as many as you can).
  • 3 Hour Adventure Run (We're guessing you can figure out how many hours you have to get as many as you can).


This is a one day, in person, event on Saturday June 19th.

  • 10:00 to 10:20 - 3 Hour Score-O Start Group #1
  • 10:21 to 10:40 - 3 Hour Score-O Start Group #2
  • 11:00 to 11:20 - 1.5 Hour Score-O Start Group #1
  • 11:21 to 11:40 - 1.5 Hour Score-O Start Group #1


Our usual (for 2021) GPS timing will be used for this event. When you upload your GPS track, you will not get an official score (the system is not built to handle events where people can get controls in any order). We will be manually calculating your points, and will publish results and routes once the event is over.


Depending on how far the checkpoint is from the start and how difficult it is to find it is worth a different amount of points. The most challenging checkpoints are worth 120 points, intermediate difficulty checkpoints are 80 points, and the closest and easiest are worth 40.

For each minute that you or your team is back late past your time limit, a penalty of 20 points deducted from your total score.


Please consider this as a training opportunity for Score-O events and not as a competitive event. For the purposes of analyzing routechoices and learning from others, we will post results and routes. Results are based off:

  • Your total number of points (including time penalty deductions)
  • And in the event of a tie in the number of points, the finish time.



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