Organizers: David Bakker (Event Director), David Bakker (Course Planner), Alan Vyse (Controller), Brian May (Course Planner), Abbigail May (Controller), Alan Vyse (Permit), Kevin Matrosovs (Assistant), Joanne Woods (Assistant), Bruce Rennie (Assistant), Tammy Howe (Assistant), Alan Corbett (Assistant)

Map: Sabiston Creek


Results (GPS Track) Upload

Please upload your GPS tracks by 3:00pm on Tuesday to get your GPS tracks included in the Tuesday evening Zoom call. Note that we will be manually reviewing any tracks that get called MP to see if you got to the control or not. We are more forgiving than the algorithm :)

3D Rerun

Course Set A

Course Set B

Zoom Call

The post-event Zoom call is scheduled for Tuesday at 7:00pm. The meeting invitation will be sent out by email sometime on Monday (likely in the evening).

Raw Map Files (No Tracks)

Map files with animated GPS tracks will be available just before the Zoom call on Tuesday. Split time results from uploaded GPS tracks are live updating as people upload tracks.Course Set A
Course Set B

Original Event Info:

We are planning an in-person orienteering event at Sabiston Creek (site of the 2014 Western Canadian Championships) that will comply with all provincial health guidelines, as well as Orienteering Canada and Orienteering BC COVID-19 protocols.In the case that health guidelines change prior to the event, or the organizers believe that we are unable to safely organize the event, we will cancel.The general layout of the event is that participants will be divided up into two groups (Group #1 and Group #2) that do not interact at all throughout the entire weekend. Each group will remain under the 50 person maximum gathering size (including volunteers and participants), so registration is limited to a maximum of 88 registrants, plus volunteers. There will be two separate event centres, with two completely separate, non-overlapping sets of courses, which will be used by the two different groups on different days of the weekend. We will keep your COVID-19 bubbles within the same participant group.

Event Location:

event-centre-BEvent Centre B - in 2017 at the Sage StompThe event centre is 12 km north of the junction of Sabiston Creek Road and Highway 1, a few hundred meters west of the bridge that crosses the Thompson River at the west end of Kamloops Lake, and about 2 km from the west access to Savona and the access to Steelhead Provincial Park. The road is signposted to Tranquille, Red Lake, Criss Creek and Copper Creek. Turn North on the road. It is winding, steep and rough in places, and is likely to be dusty, especially on the hairpin bends. Kilometer markers are clearly posted along the road. The roads are all passable with a highway-worthy vehicle. The map at the bottom of this page indicates the junction where routes diverge between Course Set A and Course Set B.
  • For Course Set A: Turn left onto the Smith Camp Road at 7.5 km and follow for 2 km to the event centre. The Smith Camp Road is steep and has a single lane with passing places.
  • For Course Set B: Continue up Sabiston Creek Road to 9 km and park on the edge of the road. This is the same site as the arena from the 2014 Western Canadians (for those of you who attended).
Savona is the nearest community, east of the bridge and the Sabiston Creek Road. The hamlet has a school, a gas station and small store, a pub, a community hall and a swimming beach and picnic area beside the hall. Savona is about 40 minutes from downtown Kamloops.


Your pre-assigned start times can be viewed here.
Saturday, September 19thPre-Assigned start times between 12:15 and 14:00. We will ensure that your start times are in a similar range to others in your COVID bubble so that you do not need to hang around the start.
  • Group 1: Course Set A
  • Group 2: Course Set B
Sunday, September 20thPre-Assigned start times between 09:15 and 11:00. We will try to ensure that your start times are in a similar range to others in your COVID bubble.
  • Group 1: Course Set B
  • Group 2: Course Set A
Sunday September 20th 12:00 to Tuesday September 22nd 11:30Participant upload of GPS (.gpx) tracks to results website.Tuesday, September 22nd 19:00 to 20:00All-participant Zoom call to discuss interesting route choices, legs, and time analysis. A great learning opportunity for everyone that helps replace the after-finishing map discussion.
  • Group 1: Course Set B
  • Group 2: Course Set A

Courses & Classes

As this is solely a training event, no classes will be used, and all participants are free to pick the course of their choice to suit their desired technical and physical challenge. Please select a course that you can complete within 2 hours for the sake of our volunteers - thanks!
Course Set A
  • Course Planner: David Bakker
  • Controller: Alan Vyse
This set of courses has long stretches of semi-open grassland, and some forested contour detail section on the elite and advanced courses.
Note - distances and climb preliminary, and subject to some change (distanced updated on September 7th).
Name Description Distance (km) Climb (m)
Beginner Family friendly course with all controls (checkpoints) on or visible from trails. 2.2
Intermediate A mixture of on and off trail navigation. 3.4
Advanced* Technically difficult; same as elite, but shorter distance. 4.2*
Elite Technically difficult; same as advanced, but longer distance. 7.4
* There is an option to cut off a middle portion of the Advanced Course and drop the distance to 3.1km, while retaining the most technical contour orienteering section of the course.
Course Set B
  • Course Planner: Brian May
  • Controller: Abbi May
This set of courses has more small hills, ponds, and rock features.
Name Description Distance (km) Climb (m)
Beginner Family friendly course with all controls (checkpoints) on or visible from trails. 2.3
Intermediate A mixture of on and off trail navigation. 3.0
Advanced* Technically difficult; same as elite, but shorter (two separate course options today). 4.2*
Elite Technically difficult, same as advanced, but longer distance. 7.0
* There is an option to cut off a middle portion of the Advanced Course and drop the distance to ~2.8km.

COVID Precautions

To help with social distancing and minimize group size, Orienteering Canada guidelines also recommend not socializing at the event site before or after you have done your course. Please review the linked documents for further guidance from Orienteering Canada and event details.Declaration of Health here. You will need to print one off for each day, to be filled in and submitted before starting each day. We will have some extra copies on hand, but please bring your own printed copy and writing implement.Guidelines from Orienteering Canada here. Please read through these before registering.Sage Orienteering Club's Return-to-Sport Guidelines here.
Event Safety Plan here. Please read through these before registering and monitor for updates as the event approaches.


You MUST register on-line on Zone4. Registration closes at midnight on September 13. THERE WILL BE ABSOLUTELY NO LATE OR ON THE DAY REGISTRATION. With our COVID-19 measures, we need time to organize start times well in advance.Want to know who is already registered? You can find that confirmation list here.
In the event of event cancellation, we will return registration fees to all registrants minus costs incurred to date. We reserve the right to cancel the event at any time before or during the event.A Declaration of Health form must be filled out on each day that you attend the event. Declaration of Health can be found here. You will need to print one off for each day, to be filled in and submitted before starting each day. We will have some extra copies on hand, but please bring your own printed copy and writing implement.
All participants must be a member in good standing of an Orienteering Canada sanctioned Orienteering Club. If you are not currently part of an orienteering club, you can join the Sage Orienteering Club.All participants must fill out the appropriate Sage waiver prior to attending the event as well. If you have attended a Sage training since the beginning of July, you have already signed this waiver and do not need to sign it again.Participants from within Western Canada are allowed to attend this non-competitive training event, but participants from clubs other than Sage should consider attending their local club events instead. All participants must follow both their own provincial health guidelines and BC's guidelines. We are not allowing any foreign participation at this event (sorry to our friends from the Cascade Orienteering Club - we hope to be able to see and race with you safely soon). 40 of the registration slots will be reserved for Sage Orienteering Club members until 1 week prior to registration closing, at which time they will be opened up to the broader orienteering community if unfilled.We strongly encourage everyone to participate in both days of training, but will allow participants to only attend one day if they so choose, but they must nevertheless pay full registration cost.


  • Junior (20 and Under): $15
  • Adult: (21 and over): $25
There is a family maximum of $80 in registration costs to keep fees reasonable for large families.Wondering where your registration fees are going? Here is the approximate breakdown of each registration:
  • Online Registration & Credit Card Processing Fees: $2.50
  • Orienteering Canada Insurance: $4.00
  • Map Printing: $2.00
  • Volunteer Gas/Driving Expenses: $4.00
  • Other one event only items (e.g. pens and hand sanitizer at registration): $2.00
  • Porta Potty: $6.50
  • General Club Account: Remainder of registration fee
The money that goes to the general club account helps to fund new map development, update maps, purchase and maintain equipment, and subsidize the free online training series that operated at a significant loss this year.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will not be using SI timing. The "Bakker GPS" system, used at all Sage trainings so far this year, will be used. Participants will record their GPS track using their own Sport Watch (Garmin, Suunto, Fitbit, etc.) or smart phone, and then upload a .gpx file of their track to the results website after the event. We will try and set up test events in locations where large numbers of registrants are coming from so that you can ensure that your GPS recording system works and you understand how to use the system. Participants will be allowed to attend without any sort of GPS tracking system, but participation in the timing system is strongly encouraged.Controls (checkpoints) will be marked in the terrain using full sized orienteering flags, along with large, laminated numbers hanging from the flags. Participants are asked to get close (within ~2m) to the flags, but not touch them.

New Orienteers

We are trying to make this event friendly to new orienteers. We are offering very beginner friendly courses, and will ensure we have someone available at registration to help you with getting started in the sport in a socially distanced manner. Please ensure that you check off that you are new to orienteering when registering, so that we can plan accordingly. We look forward to meeting you!

Map details:

  • Scale - 1:10,000 for all classes in all races.
  • Contours - 5m
  • Mappers - Bryan Chubb 2010-2014; Alan Vyse 2013-14. A few minor updates in 2020 for this event, specifically to trails on the beginner course.
  • Arena Elevation - 1200m

Accommodation & Food

Contrary to what was originally planned, we will have 1 Porta Potty at each event site (updated September 7th). Alternatively, there are outhouses and flush toilets at the BC Park just before the bridge out of Savona.The surrounding area has a wide variety of options, including camping at BC Parks and Recreation Sites, or hotels in Kamloops.We are unable to offer any food or water at the event site or out on course. Please plan ahead and bring your own food and water, and consider taking your own water out on course.


If you have any questions, please get in touch with the event director, David Bakker by email: < xc-racer3 AT outlook DOT com>



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