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Organizer: Bart Jarmula (Event Director)

Map: Mount Macpherson

Apologies for the delay posting event info. THIS EVENT IS A GO!

This will be the third Revelstoke event of the season middle section of the Flowdown trail. It appears that some of this prime orienteering terrain will also be logged in the next year or two so best to take advantage of this area of the map while we can.

What: Orienteering is an activity where you navigate your way along a series of checkpoints using a detailed map. Each participant chooses their own route between the controls. Orienteering can be a competitive activity (the fastest time to find all the controls in the correct order wins!) or a recreational activity (stimulate your mind while getting exercise and fresh air!). If you want to find out more about orienteering click on the Resources tab above and check out the links that are provided.

Who: Anyone!

Where: Tantrum FSR. See the map below for exact location. The turn off for this road is located several hundred meters after the Flowdown parking area. The turn off from the highway will be marked with an orienteering flag. Do not turn into the private driveway located a hundred meters before the FSR (this private driveway is well marked with "do not enter" signs in any case). Follow the FSR for about a km until you are under the powerlines (avoiding a right turn into the private property). The registration area will be at the first road junction that is encountered. This road is in reasonable shape with no major water bars and should be passable by most 2WD cars if you drive carefully to avoid the occasional larger rock or rough section. Should you be concerned about your vehicle's ability to make it up this road please contact the race organizer for alternative access options. Parking will be located along the FSR (there is a good turn around point at the junction). There are no facilities at this location. The course will be located in the forest to the northwest of the power lines.


9:00 am Beginner registration

9:15 am Beginner instruction (will be available informally on an as needed basis)

9:30 am Intermediate/advanced registration

9:45 am Intermediate instruction (will be available informally on an as needed basis)

12:00 pm Course closes

These times are suggestions only - if you are there early for the intermediate/advanced courses that is fine. Self seeding will be used for your start time (this event is an individual time trial). Feel free to register later than these suggested times if you are confident that you can complete the course before the course closing (however most people will take 0.75-1.5 hours to complete the courses). Event staff will be available at the Finish the entire time.


We will have three different courses to suit various skill levels and physical abilities. Keep in mind that the distance quoted is straight lines between controls - you will almost certainly travel further.

This area of the map has nice areas of white forest with varied contour detail. This is still Revelstoke white forest so off trail travel is rugged and certainly you will still find lots of deadfall and light green sections. The trail system is sparse and lightly travelled in this area which adds to the challenge (and fun). This has been a very wet summer so the undergrowth is quite lush but the courses are designed to try and keep you in areas of better visibility and limited deadfall. Courses will be shorter than at previous events but with a similar number of controls so expect more sustained technical orienteering. Mosquitoes are plentiful so come prepared!

The easy course can be completed by staying on roads/trails with only short excursions (5-30m) off trail to find the control. If you are adventurous off trail routes will shorten the course. This course can be completed without a compass if you are confident reading a map. Due to the lower trail density in this area controls will often be placed on features along the trail rather than at trail junctions.

The intermediate courses will take you off trail much more. The fastest route between controls will often be overland however for most controls there is still a longer/safer trail route that can be chosen. Having some understanding of concepts such as attackpoint/catching feature/handrail, reading contour lines and map features, and taking into account vegetation runability for your route choice (white vs green forest) would be helpful. A compass will be useful to confirm that you are leaving the control in the right direction!

The advanced course increases the navigation skills required to find the controls, and requires off-trail travel and route choice. Many controls will require you to take a bearing and follow it, and staying in contact with the map by reading features/contours will be necessary. Expect rugged terrain when off trail as this area of the map has areas with significant deadfall. Choose this course if you have done an intermediate course before and want a little more challenge...

How to Sign Up:

Registration is open.

Click the "+ Register" button next to your desired course. Follow the instructions. This signs you up for your course so we know how many people are coming to the event and how many maps to print of each course. Help us keep costs low and save the environment by preventing over-printing of maps! If you don't sign up we can't guarantee you a map either!

What should I bring?

Wear something comfortable that you don't mind getting a little dirty! Long pants and shirt are advisable so you don't get your extremities scratched up (there are areas with Devil's Club on the map). Don't wear anything that you would be disappointed to see get some holes in it! Getting your feet wet is a possibility so consider a change of shoes for afterwards. Bring a compass and whistle if you have them. Bring a cell phone for emergency use. Seeing a bear is a possibility (the organizer ran into one on the powerlines) so making noise is recommended and carrying bear spray is a consideration.If you want some post event nutrition, bring your own water and snacks. The club will provide SI sticks for timing (we have about 30). The club also has 10 thumb compasses (both right and left) that are available to borrow for the event (first come first served).


$5 per person (max $10/family) to cover cost of maps and insurance. All participants must be club members to take part - the membership is fee is only collected at the second event that you attend. It is helpful to fill out the membership form online prior to coming to the event (though we will also have paper forms available on site). This form is available on the Home section of this webpage in the "How to Get Started" section (see lower left corner of page).


Feel free and contact us.



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