Organizers: Rob Hart (Event Director), Abbigail May (Assistant)

Map: South Canoe


This week Rob Hart is cooking up a Score-O at South Canoe. Here is how it works: you have 1 hour to collect as many checkpoints as you can in any order without going over time. If you go over time, you lose massive amounts of points per minute (30/minute). It is a mass start event, so don't be late.


Please show up at 5:30 so we can teach you some of the basics of orienteering before you head out on course. While the event format is a little atypical, it is still very beginner friendly (in fact, more so than most of the other events of the year).


  • 5:30 - Registration opens and Beginner Instruction
  • 5:40 (or earlier if everyone has registered quickly) - Maps distributed, plan your route
  • 5:45 - Mass Start
  • 6:45 - Finish Time, be back by this time or incur point penalties

Parking and Meeting Location:

The main parking lot of South Canoe, see map below.

Salmon Arm Events

What should I bring?

Wear something comfortable that you don't mind getting a little dirty! Long pants are advisable on forest maps, but in urban parks are not necessary. Bring a compass and whistle if you have them. If you want some post event nutrition, bring your own water and snacks.


$5 per person donation requested to cover cost of maps and insurance.


2017 Membership in Sage Orienteering Club is required to cover insurance. This membership covers you for any orienteering event in Canada, including Sage events throughout the interior and the Sage Orienteering Club Championships this fall in Salmon Arm. If you attended any of the events in Salmon Arm this past spring, your membership in the Sage Orienteering Club is still active. The costs for new membership are:

  • $10/Junior
  • $20/Adult
  • $40/Family

If you just want to try out orienteering for 1 day you can pay the prices below and then if you decide to continue with the sport pay the rest of the fee at a future event.

  • $5/Junior (for 1 event)
  • $5/Adult (for 1 event)
  • $10/Family (for 1 event)

Membership forms which are available here can be printed, completed, and brought to the event with cheques made out to Sage Orienteering Club. You can also pay in cash at the event.


Without volunteers, these events cannot take place. A hearty thanks to all those helping put this event on. If you would like to volunteer/help at upcoming events or would like to organize a training session please contact

Orienteering Resources:

Check out our orienteering resources designed for beginners at this page.



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