Organizer: David Bakker (Event Director)

Map: Valleyview

Thanks to everyone for coming out. Stay tuned for an email with the fall schedule in the next couple of weeks! Results are now posted here, for some reason there are a couple of errors (with Frances' and Tony's times and point reductions).

It's simple: You, a map with 30 checkpoints, and 1 hour. Find as many as you can.


Anyone! Kids under 12 need a parent with them please.

  • 17:30 - Registration Opens
  • 17:45 - Mandatory Race Instructions
  • 17:50 - Mass Start
  • 18:50 - Finish (Don't be late, 1 checkpoint time penalty per minute late).


$5/person (max $10/family)


Checkpoints will be both on and off trail, come prepared with good trail runners and maybe some long socks if you plan on cutting through the Sage Brush (we are betting you will!) and don't want to scratch up your legs.


You are allowed to run in a team if you prefer it to running individually.


We'll have watermelon and water (without the melon) available.

How to Sign Up:

Click the "+ Register" button on the right of the screen (or near the bottom on mobile). Follow the instructions. Please register by Tuesday, June 13th so we know how many maps to print and how much watermelon to bring! Pre-registration much preferred, but all payment on site so pre-register even if you are considering coming and no harm done if you don't show up!

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