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Organizers: Phil Wallensteen (Event Director), Rob Savage (Assistant)

Map: Park Hill

Thanks for A Great Spring Season of Orienteering!

Thanks to all the volunteers and participants for making this sprint a success.  We had consistent participation of between 30 and 40 people at each event this spring.  We will have more events this coming fall in Salmon Arm, but if you are feeling the urge to go orienteering this summer check out the Canadian Orienteering Championships and attached Junior Training camp this year in Canmore.  


Sorry for the delay, results are now posted.

The final event of the 2016 Salmon Arm Spring Series.

This week's event will be a little bit different from the normal, but will involve another mass start like last week; however, it is not a relay.  Here is how it works: there will be a mass start and all of the controls will be grouped in small boxes.  Everybody will be handicapped based off your running speed and orienteering experience. Depending on your handicap, you will have to get a different number of controls in each box of controls.  Whoever finishes their respective course first wins.  This is a format that is often used in Ontario, and was used last year at Little Mountain for an event in the fall.  We will explain it (with more details) at the race site.  


  • 5:30 - Registration Opens
  • 5:55 - Registration Closes/Instructions
  • 6:00 - Mass Start
  • 7:30 - Courses Close



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