Organizer: David Bakker (Event Director)

Map: South Canoe


Thanks to everybody who came out to any of the events this Fall.  Special thanks to all those who helped out.  We will be having more orienteering events in the spring.  There are also rumors of having a Ski Orienteering event in Larch Hills this winter.  We will be having an Officials Level 1 course in Salmon Arm this fall (probably).  If you are interested in helping set up events next year this is a great opportunity to learn how to set courses, print maps, and run an event.  


Sprint Course Results

Long Course Results


The Sage Orienteering Club Championships will be held in Salmon Arm.  There will be a sprint event on the Downtown Salmon Arm map followed by a long distance event on the South Canoe map.  The long distance courses will be set by Brian May.


Morning Sprint:

  • 9:30 - Registration Opens
  • 10:00 - First Start
  • 10:45 - Last Time
  • 11:30 - Courses Close - All participants must report to the finish line by this time

Afternoon Mass Start Long:

  • 1:00 - Registration For those not already registered
  • 1:30 - Mass Start
  • 3:30 - Courses Close - All participants must report to the finish line by this time

Sprint Event:  

A sprint in Orienteering terms means that the fastest person on each course will have a time of between 10-20 minutes.  There are symbols on the map that you are not allowed to cross, and generally running speed and quick decision making are key to having a fast time.

Meeting Location:

Meet in the East (Top) most parking lot of Jackson School (see map below).  Best parking will be in the School's two lower parking lots as they are not gated.  

Mass Start Long Event:

The long event will be at the South Canoe Trails which are around 8-10 minutes away from the sprint event.  You can get directions here.  The start is located approximately 400 meters uphill from the parking lot.  The map scale will be 1:7500.  The long event is in a format originally used in Ontario in which each person will be given a different handicap.  Everybody will mass start (at 1:30) on to the first section of the course which is 5 controls in a specified order (standard orienteering).  From the end of the first section, depending on your handicap (see table below), you will have to get up to 6 controls that you can get in any order.  From there, you will complete a second point-to-point section containing 8 controls which ends at the finish.  

Handicap Calculation:

Your handicap is based off your age and gender.  Feel free and do a different number of controls than you are given, but be aware that you are no longer eligible to be club champion if you do so (unless you do more).

      Age           Male        Female  
-10      0       0
11-12      1       1
13-14      2       2
15-16      4       3
17-44      6       4
45-54      4       2
55-64      3       1
65+      2       0


Current Members:

  • $2 per event per person or
  • $4 for both events per person
  • $10 Family Maximum

Newcomers: (Beginners Welcome!)

  • $5 per person for one event or both events (this covers the cost of insurance (membership) through the Orienteering Association of BC)
  • $10 per family for one event or both events (this covers the cost of insurance (membership) through the Orienteering Association of BC)


Morning Sprint:

Urban orienteering at its best!  Located in the heart of downtown Salmon Arm, the map is mostly urban streets with parks and a small forest section.  The easy course will have very limited road crossings and stay mostly in the parks and forest while the more advanced courses will venture into the downtown core.  This is a brand new map created specifically for this event.

Sprint Mapper's Notes:

  • Garden pots are not mapped.
  • Park Benches are mapped as a black X as long as they are not backed up against a wall or building.
  • You are not allowed to cross any garden beds, private property, impassable fences, impassable walls, out of bounds areas or go through buildings.  These are all clearly marked on the map.  Violating these rules results in disqualification.  

Afternoon Long:

The premier forest map of the area, South Canoe has a mix of open and dense forests with varying degrees of visibility.  It has numerous mountain biking, hiking and equestrian trails, so expect sections of trail running.  South Canoe also features large contour features, and some tricky negative topography.


Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.


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