Organizer: Phil Wallensteen (Event Director)

Map: Park Hill


Rob Hart 19 controls 58:08 minutes

Greg Foucher 18 controls 58:26 minutes

Simon Bakker 18 controls 59:05 minutes

Alan Corbett 18 controls 61:03 minutes (-1 control time penalty)

Lillian Bakker 17 controls 65:24 minutes (-3 controls time penalty)

Julie Bradley 9 controls 58:07 minutes


The Black Forest map is not quite ready yet, but we are hoping to get on it sometime for a weekend event in October. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, Phil is putting on a 1 hour score-o in Park Hill!

Meet at the upper parking lot at Canoe Beach (parking lot on the left near the bottom as you come down Park Hill road). See google map below.


  • 5:15 - Registration Opens
  • 5:40 - Registration Closes
  • 5:45 - Mass Start
  • 6:45 - Course Closes - all Participants must report to finish.


Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.


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