Organizers: Sheila Corbett (Event Director), Alan Corbett (Assistant), Keeya Corbett (Assistant)

Map: Coyote Park


This is the event for you! We will have a beginner specific course, and lots of experience people on hand to help get you started. Don't hesitate to come out, only $5/person to give it a try, and a $10/family max! Outdoor, active fun for the whole family!

How to Sign Up For This Week (Registration now open!):

Click the "+ Register" button next to your desired course. Follow the instructions. This signs you up for your course so we know how many people are coming to the event and how many maps to print of each course. Help us keep costs low and save the environment by preventing over-printing of maps!


  • 5:30 - Registration Opens and Beginner instruction
  • 5:35 - First Start
  • 6:00 - Last Start
  • 7:00 - COURSES CLOSE


We have several different courses offered with varying technical and physical difficulties so everyone no matter your age or experience will have a great time! Please sign up online next to your preferred course so we know to print a map for you.


Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.


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