Organizer: David Bakker (Host)

Do you want to do more orienteering? The limiting factor on the number of events we organize is trained volunteers. Our goal is to have a much larger trained volunteer base, where each trained individual helps out at one event a year, and everyone gets to do more orienteering as a result.

The Orienteering Canada Officials O100 course is the base level course that teaches you how to organize a local level event or self directed training. It consists of two main components: the organizational aspects of local events and course planning. What you will get out of the course isn't just giving back to the club, but the skill set that you gain from understanding how a course planner thinks will do wonders for your own orienteering skills. We will run a second course sometime in later May or early June (date TBD).

Want to learn more about the O100 Course? Check out Orienteering Canada's official's page.


Course Maps

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