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Course Maps



Event staff

  • Meet director: Jackie Bonn
  • Course controller: Murray Foubister, Alan Vyse
  • Course planner: Magnus Johansson/Jackie Bonn
  • Assistants: David Bakker, Brian May, Abbi May, Brendan Matthews, Peter Gray


Saturday May 20

Middle 4 course SI C event

  • Location: Sabiston Creek map
  • Start: First start 11 am (self start)
  • Courses close at 1 pm

Middle Race

  • Location: Sabiston Creek map
  • Start: First start 2 pm
  • Courses close at 4 pm

Sunday, May 21:

Long Race

  • Location: Sabiston Creek map
  • Start: begin at 10am
  • Course closes at 2pm

Registration: You MUST register on-line. There will be on day registration but this is limited (you may not get the map you want)

We prefer that you pay on-line but you can send a copy of your on-line entry with a cheque in Canadian funds to: Sage Orienteering Club c/o Alan Vyse, 2646 Valleyview Drive, Kamloops, BC, V2C 4E5. Our American friends can pay in cash when they arrive if they wish. Inquiries to the meet director at:


Early Registration Fee (Until May 10)

  • Full Weekend: $60 for adults, $32 for juniors
  • One Event: $25 for adults, $12 for juniors

Late Registration Fee (until May 19)

  • Full Weekend: $70 for adults, $40 for juniors
  • One Event: $30 for adults, $15 for juniors

On The Day Registration:

  • Limited on the day registration will be available for the late registration fee plus an additional $5 per event.

Electronic Timing:

SportIdent (SI) cards must be used, rentals are available for the price of $2 for the full weekend

Courses and classes: Orienteering Canada Standard Courses are being used for this event. See end of page for details.

Banquet: Outdoor barbecue and potluck to be held at community beach and concession stand in Savona. Burgers (vegetarian or meat will be available if desired).

Results: Available on the Sage website immediately after the event with the potential for live results at the race site.


Free camping with porta-potties is available at the event site. No picnic tables, bring your own. There is also paid camping available at several nearby BC Parks.

Kamloops has a wide variety of hotels and motels.You can inspect choices on-line at and

Child care: Child care will not be available, but we can accommodate. I have children :)

Food: Light refreshments will be available at the finish of the events.

Event Location:

The event centre is 12 km north of the junction of Sabiston Creek Road and Highway 1, a few hundred meters west of bridge that crosses the Thompson River at the west end of Kamloops Lake and about 2k from the west access to Savona and the access to Steelhead Provincial Park. The road is signposted to Tranquille, Red Lake, Criss Creek and Copper Creek. Turn North on the road. It is winding, steep and rough in places, and is likely to be dusty especially on the hairpin bends. Kilometer markers are attached to trees at 7km and beyond. Turn left onto the Smith Camp Road at 7.5 km and follow for 2km to the event centre. The Smith Camp Road is steep and has a single lane with passing places. The roads are both passable with a highway worthy vehicle.

Savona is the nearest community, east of the bridge and the Sabiston Creek road. The hamlet has a school, a gas station and small store, a licensed diner (Millers Crossing) beside the gas station, a pub, a community hall and a swimming beach and picnic area beside the hall. Savona is about 40 minutes from downtown Kamloops.

Map details:

  • Scale is 1:10,000 for all classes in all races with the exception of M21, W21, M17-20 and M35 who will use 1:15,000 in the long distance only
  • Contours: 5m
  • Mappers: Bryan Chubb 2010-2014; Alan Vyse 2013-14
  • Arena Elevation: 1200m
  • Safety bearing: use West to the Smith Camp road that runs along the west edge of the map from north to south

Course Setter's Notes:

We have had a lot of rain so the vegetation is lusher and greener than the last time you were here. Many of the marshes are under water and not runnable, and the Lake at the Finish is higher than shown on the map … which is good for the ranchers!

The small trees that are scattered at varying densities over much of the map have grown. Areas that were white are now light green. This affects much of the north west portion of the map.

There are rattlesnakes in the forest on the map. We know there are wintering dens on the rocky cliffs in the south of the map. We expect that the cool weather will have slowed migration from the dens to the forest but we can’t predict where snakes will be. We haven’t seen or heard any snakes while flagging control sites, but be aware and take care.

Two small areas on the west part of the map were logged last winter. The areas have not been clearcut but there are some new roads and large slash piles. None of the courses go through the areas.

There is one major road running north/south through the event map. There is almost no traffic. More traffic uses the Sabiston Creek Road which is at the south end of the event map. Cow trails are found throughout the map and are used as hand rails for the lower courses.

Which Course Should I Choose?

There are seven different courses offered, each with assigned age classes. Courses 4,5,6,7 are all technically difficult courses and only vary in length (7 is the longest, 4 is shortest). Courses 1,2,3 are all beginner courses where the higher the number, the slightly longer the distance and technical difficulty. If you are new to the sport and this is your fist major event, you likely will want to pick course 2 or 3. You do not have to run your age class! If you want to run on a different course than your age category, register in the "Open [INSERT COURSE NUMBER HERE]" category.

LONG Event (tentative distances- may vary slightly)
Courses 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Classes W12 M12 W13-14 M13-14 W15-16 M15-16 W75-79 M80+ W80+ M85+ W45-54 W55-64 M65-74



W17-20 W21-34 W35-44 M45-54 M55-64 M17-20 M21-34 M35-44
RWT for Long 30 30 50 45-50 45-50 60-70 80-90
Distance km 2.8 2.7 4.8 2.9 4.6 6.5 10.2
# of controls 11 9 11 7 9 11 15
Map scale 1:10000 1:10000 1:10000 1:10000 1:10000 1:10000 1:10000
MIDDLE Event (tentative distances may vary slightly
RWT for Middle 20 20 25 25 25-30 30-35 30-35
Distance km 1.8 1.8 2.1 2.2 2.5 3.4 4.5
# of controls 9 9 11 7 9 12 13
Map scale 1: 10000 1: 10000 1: 10000 1: 10000 1: 10000 1: 10000 1: 10000



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