Organizer: Wade Tokarek (Event Director)


Simon Bakker28:16
Allan Corbett30:54
Aton Stetanal35:07
Liz Connor37:27
John and Seth Fulton61:24
Owen McMillan61:38
Lucas McMillan62:09
Dave Kleer63:39

Anton Stetanal84:29
Keeya Corbett90:30
Jim Fulton91:25
Julie Bradley100:55
Yenny Connor122:51
Frances Vyse (9 controls)78:41

Alexander Corbett58:05
David Bakker58:36
Kevin Matrosovs62:33
Chuck Connor78:31
Ken Bakker101:13
Brendan Matthews107:43
Jackie Bonn110:24


This will be the first event for the season. There will be instruction and activities for the new orienteer + an event for the regular members.

Registration will open at 11.00 am. Meet in the parking lot for Valleyview Arena. Turn left off Highland Road on the way up to Juniper Heights. There will be three courses.

For newcomers, the Valleyview map is open grassland, but very hilly. The courses are bounded on 3 sides by housing and roads and there is a major fence on the 4th side … no chance of getting lost, but those controls may be hard to find!

A reminder: the event closes at 2pm. This means that if you are still out on the course at 2pm you must return to the start/finish area which wil be in the Arena parking lot.



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