Organizer: Jackie Bonn (Event Director)


Course 1

Josh Tremblay/Darren Shearsmith 61:14

Owen McMillan 72:23

Seth Fulton 73:04

Paige Francoeur/Jessica Lester (9controls) 115:51

Destiny Wilson/Charlie Rathbone (7controls) 74:25

Christian Emmerson/William Irwin (7 controls) 73:35

Course 2

Keeya Corbett 42:39

Galen March/ Robert Lewis 71:52

Gordon Gino 71:56

Marlin Bloomfield/Unity Summer 72:55

Christa Lester/Sydney Francoeur 78:25

Course 3

Sheila Corbett 49:35

Julie Bradley 63:16

Alan Corbett 72:51

Jim Fulton 93:21

Peter Gray 101:59

Gerry Olund 101:58

Course 4

Alex Corbett 55:31

Wade Tokarek 92:09

Details: The event will be a typical B-level competition event with four courses available to suit orienteers of various experience and abilities. Beginner orienteers are always welcome. Courses have been specifically designed to accommodate junior competitors (cadets aged 12-18), but is open to all members of the public. This a good event for those new to orienteering, and those who wish to challenge themselves by trying the more advanced courses. Courses offered will be as follows:

  • Course 1 (Beginner) approx 2 km - all control flags will be on-trail or slightly off-trail on very prominent objects.
  • Course 2 (Intermediate)  - control flags will be on-trail and some off-trail (within 30 m of trail) Obvious route choice.
  • Course 3 (Intermediate - Advanced)  - control flags will be mostly off-trail. More route choice and compass work required.
  • Course 4 (Advanced)   - controls off-trail and in challenging terrain, lots of route choice, most physically demanding course

Registration opens at 11 am.

Directions to start: Take Tranquille Road past the turn off for the airport and past the Kamloops Golf Course. Take the Tranquille-Criss Creek Road (Red Lake Road) where you bear up to the right over the train tracks and continue on gravel until the "hairpin" turn is reached. Here turn left onto Frederick Road and go for about 5 km to the Start which is visible from the road. There will be a few direction signs on the way out.

The Dewdrop map is half forest/half open.

A reminder: the event closes at 2pm. This means that if you are still out on the course at 2pm you must return to the start/finish area. If you don't come back, we will come looking for you.



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