Organizers: Kevin Matrosovs (Event Director), David Bakker (Course Planner), John Rance (Controller), Brian May (Course Planner), Stan Woods (Controller), David Bakker (Assistant), Tammy Howe (Assistant)

Map: Kelowna Nordic

The Sage Orienteering Club is happy to announce the Western Canadian Orienteering Championships (WCOC) and BC Orienteering Championships will be held in Kelowna, BC on June 3rd and 4th 2023! More information will be added to this page over time as detailed are confirmed.


This is the first time that the Western Canadians will be held in Kelowna! Kelowna offers a well connected international airport less than an hour from the event site, and makes a convenient in between point for road travellers from Seattle, Vancouver, and Calgary. Extensive campgrounds, rental cabins, and other accomodation are available close to the event site, or in Kelowna and Big White.


Registration will open at a later date - stay tuned for updates.


We are excited to be offering a three forested event weekend schedule with experienced course planners and controllers to deliver a weekend of exception orienteering! Not enough orienteering for you? Addition local self-directed trainings on other nearby maps will be available around the event. No model event will be organized; however, both championship events will have dedicated warm-up maps that will open several hours prior to the first start of each race.

Saturday Morning - Championship Middle

A championship quality middle event with 8 different courses for all age and difficulty levels.

Organizing Team

  • Course Planner: David Bakker (Sage)
  • Controller: John Rance (GVOC)

Map: Kelowna Nordic Core

Generally flat terrain (for the west coast) with terrain undulations of around 20 meters. Small portions in recent clearcuts, but with the majority of the map in 40 year old mono-culture lodgepole pine forest with excellent runnability, no deadfall, and limited visibility. Medium to low density trail network, widespread marshes, scattered boulders, and a mix of detailed and broader contour features.

  • Mapper: David Bakker
  • Year Mapped: 2022
  • Standard: ISOM2017-2
  • 2020 Computer Generated Map of Part of the Area: Available Here for Fairness Purposes
  • Print Scale: 1:10000 for most categories, 1:7500 for select categories as per Orienteering Canada Canada Cup standards.

Saturday Afternoon - Training Middle

A high quality SI-timing event with 4 different courses for all ages and stages. This is more of a "classic" style event without the defining features of a middle or a long, with an estimated winning time around 45 to 50 minutes on the longer courses.

Organizing Team

  • Course Planner: David Bakker (Sage)
  • Controller: TBD

Map: Thunder Mountain North

Hillier terrain with larger contour features and smaller pockets of contour detail. Very similar vegetation to Kelowna Nordic Core, but instead of pockets of clearcuts, there are sections of very dense forest in otherwise highly runnable, white forest with no deadfall. Scattered rock features and marshes, with a low to medium density trail network.

  • Mapper: Bryan Chubb
  • Year Mapped: 2021-2022
  • Standard: ISOM2017-2
  • 2020 Computer Generated Map of Part of the Area: Available Here for Fairness Purposes
  • Print Scale: 1:10000 for most categories, 1:7500 for select categories

Sunday - Championship Long

A championship level long event with 8 or 9 different courses.

Organizing Team

  • Course Planner: Brian May (Sage)
  • Controller: Stan Woods (GVOC)

Map: Thunder Mountain

Same map and terrain description as Saturday Afternoon Training, except 1:15000 long print scales for elite categories.


Orienteering events occurring in the Okanagan typically around Vernon and Kelowna.



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