Organizers: Alan Vyse (Event Director), David Bakker (Permit), Bart Jarmula (Permit), Brian May (Course Planner), David Bakker (Course Planner), Alan Vyse (Course Planner), Chris Bullock (Controller), Brian Ellis (Controller), Marion O (Controller), Abbigail May (Controller), John Rance (Controller), Bart Jarmula (Assistant)

Map: Downtown Revelstoke

BC Orienteering Championships are in Revelstoke in 2018! Sage Orienteering Club is hosting the event, and getting a boost from some KOC officials. Save the date, more details to come.

We'll have at least 3 races in some of the best untapped terrain in the province. How often do you get the chance to try out some new terrain on brand new maps in a new city?

Preliminary Schedule (Subject to Change):

  • Saturday Morning: Urban Sprint - Downtown Revelstoke. Map: 2017 by David Bakker, made to ISSOM2007 standard, will be updated and expanded in 2018 for the event.
  • Saturday Afternoon: Middle Distance - Mount MacPherson. Map 2017-2018 by David Bakker made to ISOM2017 standard.
  • Sunday: Long Distance - Mount MacPherson. Don't worry, this map is huge (8 square kilometers kind of huge) - so you won't be on the same chunk of it as on Saturday.

Event Staff:


  • Course Planner: Alan Vyse (Sage)
  • Controller: Marion Owen (FWOC)


  • Course Planner: Brian May (Sage)
  • Controller: Abbi May (Sage) and Brian Ellis (GVOC)


  • Course Planner: David Bakker (Sage)
  • Controller: Chris Bullock (KOC) and John Rance (GVOC)

Terrain and Map Samples:

Map Sample for Urban Sprint:

Downtown Revelstoke Map Sample

Map Sample of Middle and Long Distance Map:

Terrain Photo Sample Middle and Long Distance Terrain:

Long and Middle Sample Terrain Image

Revelstoke Events

Events occurring in and around Revelstoke.

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